About Society

The journey of Shellino Education Society (SES) began in 2005 with the aim to provide professional education in the various fields. There are several directors from various backgrounds, with the great vision of our visionary President of the society, Shri Nanasaheb R. G. Patil.

Shri Nanasaheb R. G. Patil, who has overwhelmingly cherishable leadership personality, who has more than 25 years of experience in the field of education & without whom the society may not have seen the light of the day. Shri Nanasaheb R. G. Patil devoted all his energy for strengthening and enlarging the activities of the Shellino Education Society.

Our mission is to offer students education based on advance technology in various fields and to use knowledge as a tool of social transformation, we also aim to equipe them to participate in the nation building activity with a view to promote their overall progress.