From the Director's Desk

I am delighted to introduce to you Shellino Education Society and welcome you to this esteemed institution. SES was established in 2005. It focused on training people who can shape the destiny of India with competence and dedication. SES continues to have the vision – to train leaders who will excel in competence, personal values and social concern.

“Excellence and Integrity” is the motto of SES. We try to translate excellence through academic excellence, value excellence and social excellence. This means we are not only concentrating on knowledge development, but also on personal, spiritual and social development. This is the integral formation we offer to students. This integral and value based formation should impel a person to be an innovative, competent and creative leaders.

Our academic excellence is our greatest strength. This coupled with values instilled through courses, activities, events and the environment we create, ensure we groom corporate leaders who will serve as “change agents” who will bring about a significant change in the lives of the poor and the marginalized. Our emphasis is to mould them into caring, nurturing leaders who will not just make a difference to the organization that will recruit them, but will fulfill all their duties towards corporate social responsibility.

SES strives to meet the educational needs of various segments of students by offering management program.

I Welcome you to Jalgaon, the Golden city of India, the cleanest and most hospitable city. Jalgaon offers excellent sports and recreational facilities, and sylvan environment. You will get ample opportunity to interact with national and international leaders from every walk of life and learn the problems and prospects ahead to you and available to you. These interactions combined with your classroom inputs will help you to opt for a career of your dream.

I welcome you to join the nation builders to build a nation which can lead the world intellectually,emotionally and spiritually.

Nilesh R. Patil.